¿Qué patologías hay relacionadas con la función de lisosomas?

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¿Qué patologías hay relacionadas con la función de lisosomas?

¿Qué patologías hay relacionadas con la función de lisosomas?

Se han descrito cerca de 40 enfermedades por depósito lisosomal,2 entre las más conocidas se encuentran: las Mucopolisacaridosis (MPS I o Síndrome de Hurler Scheie y MPS II o enfermedad de Hunter), enfermedad de Pompe, enfermedad de Gaucher y enfermedad de Fabry.

Which are typical function of lysosomes?

  • Lysosome Function. The main function of lysosomes is to help with cell metabolism by ingesting and dissolving unwanted parts of the cell, cell debris or foreign substances that have entered the cell.

What are the functions of lysosomes?

  • Release enzymes outside of the cell (exocytosis) which may serve the purpose of destroying materials around the cell.
  • Break-down 'digestion' of materials from inside the cell (autophagy) i.e. ...
  • Break-down 'digestion' of materials from outside the cell (heterophagy) i.e. ...

What is the function of a lysosome in an animal cell?

  • A lysosome is an organelle in an animal cell that contains enzymes to break down outside materials that enter the cell, as well as obsolete cell material. The lysosome acts as the digestive system for the cell, consuming proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. ... Lysosomes are the organelles responsible for helping the body digest nutrients, but they also assist with fighting off disease, removing waste, and eliminating unneeded cell materials.

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